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Power Box 2

Price: $30.00
Item Number: W02
This is a very compact power box measuring only 3 1/8" wide, 1 5"8" high and 2 1/8" deep.  Now that is small.  It has two USB 5 volt power jacks along with a 12 volt cigarette socket.  It has an on/off switch so you don't run your battery down also.  I am including the wire that attaches to your battery, which will also work with your Battery Tender.  This is fused and also has a SAE type quick disconnect.  What if it rains?  There is a waterproof cover that just fits right over the front.  Yes you will have to unplug your electronics, but chances are they can run on battery for a bit if you really need to have them running in the rain. 

You have multiple ways you can mount this unit.  There are different size sleeves or spacers for mounting on bars.  I have even mounted it on a FarkleBar which is square.  There is also a flat surface bracket with double stick adhesive included.  You will see in the pictures where I mounted that to a Ram Mount Diamond Base.  You will have to buy your own base, but of course, that is for sale on this website under Bases.

Now if  you want to have more USB jacks no problem.  Just buy two.  They are small.  Just kidding.  Go to your local Truck Stop and get a cigarette plug to USB adapter.  I could sell those too, but not at the price they sell them for.

So you want a simple power solution.  You have found it.

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