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FarkleBar Lite

MSRP: $99.00
Price: $59.00
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Item Number: F01
Manufacturer Part No: 00851218007042
This is an 18" bar that includes 5 Ram Mount Balls on the top and 3 on the bottom. This was the most popular bar but has been replaced by the newer models.  There are only the few I have left which may have a few nicks in the paint, but are fully functional. The FarkleBar Lite will fit well on most motorcycles.  For sport bikes also look at the FarkleBar Mini.  It is 3" shorter.  There are three things that the FarkleBar along with it's associated power box does.  1.  It provides multiple mounting locations for your gadgets.  2. It allows you to charge/power those devices with a single wire running back to the battery.  3. It allows you to take the whole thing off your bike along with your gadgets for security.  When you pull up to the motel at night you just disconnect the quick connect SAE connector.  Then loosen the two Ram mounts and the whole thing comes off and can be taken into the motel room or put in your top box.  Isn't that cool.  I only have a few of these left.  Some have some scratches from being shown at shows, but are still perfectly functional.  I would suggest considering the 3.0 family of FarkleBars.

Click here for a demo of the FarkleBar

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