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Why do I need a FarkleBar?
To mount more that 3 devices on your bike
To provide power for charging and running your electronic devices
To provide easy overnight removal of all your devices
To simplify the wiring on your bike (Current or a new one
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How much will I spend getting completely setup with a FarkleBar?
Most people spend around $350 if they currently don't have any Ram-Mount balls on their bike.
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Why the FarkleBar?
When I have been demonstrating the FarkleBar to people one of the common questions is “How did you come up with this?” I don't know what you think about when you're riding, but I am usually thinking about how I can improve my ride. I had such a mess with the wiring of all my gadgets. Batteries would go dead because I thought they were charging and the device had become unplugged. My tankbag was so full of wires I barely had room for a pair of gloves. I had different mounting points but none of them really ideal. The wiring was so bad I actually burned up a wiring harness. That was an expensive lesson. There had to be a better way. Hence the FarkleBar.
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What about my wiring mess?
ires wires wires everywhere. Each charger comes with a four to six foot cord. I would rubber band and zip tie until most were not flying in the wind. It was a real mess. With the FarkleBar I can wind up the cord around the bolts that are in the bottom of the cable box. Keeps everything nice and neat and compact. Also if I want to use the cord in another vehicle later the cord isn't all kinked. No more wires in the wind.
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What about mounting locations?
When I only had a radar detector and a XM radio things were fairly simple. Radar on the left and XM on the right. Both mounted with RamMounts. When I went to add the GPS is when things started getting complicated. Where do I mount it securely, so I can see it, not block the instruments, so I can plug it in, and still get it off overnight?
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What do I do overnight with the bike at the motel?
I have done different things with my gadgets on the bike as far as leaving them on overnight. I have never lost anything, but I have worried a lot. Depending on where I am staying I have just left everything on the bike and just put a cover on. I don't like this because the cover takes up too much room to carry it. Also that tells the thieves where the good stuff is. I have taken everything off the bike. Carefully unplugging each device and hauling it all up to the room. Then of course I have to reverse the process in the morning. With the FarkleBar I can have the whole thing off the bike in about 30 seconds. Just grab a hold of one of the RamMount arms and carry it into the motel. Takes about a minute to put it back on in the morning. Much easier.
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What do I do about my stuff while I eat lunch?
Between the wife and I we have eight bikes. It is so nice to be able to just move the FarkleBar from one bike to the next. All I have to have on each bike is a set of RamMounts and a power connector. In the past I have been frustrated when I have been considering trading bikes. I have spent six months getting all of the wiring just right and even though a shiny new bike is just what I need, I don't want to go through the exercise of getting everything all wired up. The FarkleBar solves this problem.
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How does power get from the bike to the FarkleBar?
The FarkleBar has a single connection directly to the battery via a fused cord. This cord also doubles as the connection for the Battery Tender. In the past I had so many wires running to the battery it was scary. Remember the wiring harness fire above? Only one wire to unplug when I want to remove the FarkleBar from the bike. Talk about convenience. It is so nice to have everything all charged up at the end of the day. Before, particularly with the cell phone, my battery was about done after being out in remote areas all day.
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Can I adjust where things are once the FarkleBar is mounted?
The FarkleBar uses RamMounts for mounting to the handlebars and to mount each device. I have used them for years and they just work. In the event of a crash or severe bump they will move. This reduces the amount of shock that the device receives. Also if I am flying over the handlebars I would prefer my gadgets move rather than impaling me on my get off. On a practical side I find that I move, particularly the GPS, around as the day progresses. By getting it pointing directly at my face as close as possible to me, I can eliminate the glare and reflection. I wear a full face helmet and it was always difficult to see the screen of my phone when I had it under the clear cover of my tank bag. Now I can have it up where I can see it.
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